Save all your great shots!

Capture all high checkouts and 170+ scores!

DartMan can now use your webcam to watch all of your games, whether online, local against other humans or computer games. When enabled, it is then ready to save pictures of all of your great shots, be they 180s or high checkouts! Scores 170 and over, as well as checkouts over 80 will automatically be saved, and uploaded onto the website. They are then visible in the game screen, like the picture here.

To enable, go to the Options tab, then the Network and Video tab, and check the "Always Use Webcam" checkbox. When this is enabled, you will see a "My Dartboard" tab beside the score screen, showing the view of your board.

See for further details on this, and other updates.

posted by mick hynes | on March 18, 2015 10:26:43 GMT

cricket now available!

Practise games are being added now!

As part of a new piece of work, practise games are being added to DartMan. The first of these is Cricket - this is available now! See for further details.
Start DartMan now to receive this update now, and start playing Cricket with your friends!

Happy Christmas from all in the DartMan team!

posted by mick hynes | on December 24, 2014 16:30:21 GMT

online play update!

Everyone should be able to get online now!

A major update to the online code for DartMan should result in almost all logged-in players going online automatically, without any configuration! The same technique used for connecting players to the server is applied to the video-streaming between players, meaning that this should also have a much higher success rate. The online page layout has also been updated so that it is more fluid, and allows all the areas to be resized to suit your preference.
Start DartMan now to receive this update, get online and player other players from all over the world!

posted by mick hynes | on October 13, 2014 18:39:46 GMT

sets and draws!

New game modes and results possible

DartMan has been updated to allow games include sets of x legs, and also play games which are best of x legs. This means that games can now be drawn also. This website has also been updated to allow for the display of these games and results.

Currently this is limited to non-online games for a short period to ensure there are no issues. Online will be included very soon.

posted by mick hynes | on July 22, 2014 18:39:46 GMT

major DartMan update

Online and user interface overhaul

DartMan has been givin a major update, with the user interface and online elements both getting major work. Download now to get online and try it out! Please provide feedback (good or bad!) via the Contact Us page.
See our blog for further details and information on this new version.

posted by mick hynes | on June 16, 2014 21:04:54 GMT

support George Macken

show your support for our fellow dartsnutz member

Please show your support for DartsNutz member and DartMan regular George Macken (aka paddydub) and his family. George has been diagnosed with Lou Gehrig's disease. Click this link to give support to him and his family during this difficult time.

posted by mick hynes | on May 22, 2014 14:29:54 GMT

online play!

play against other DartMan players - anywhere!

Online Play has been added to DartMan. You can now play against any other player who is logged into DartMan online, anywhere in the world. There is support for webcam views of the dart board if required, and in game text chat is also provided. Click here to read more about this, and other features

For help with configuring your router and getting DartMan online, click here.

posted by mick hynes | on January 1, 2014 17:12:06 GMT

new darts scoring solution

from Mick Hynes

DartMan is a new complete solution for all darts players' needs. Combining a Windows application for scoring matches, with a fully-loaded website providing comprehensive statistical data, it is the all-in-one package for every dart player!

Click here to find out more about DartMan

posted by mick hynes | on November 1, 2013 16:33:46 GMT