Is DartMan Free?


DartMan is entirely free, and does not cost you a penny to use.

What platforms is DartMan supported on?


DartMan is only supported in most modern browsers (non-mobile preferred). At present, it has been tested successfully on:

  • Chrome
  • Opera
  • Torch

Does DartMan require an internet connection to use?


As DartMan is available only in the browser, you must be connected to the internet in order to use the site.

Is DartMan a game or simulation?


DartMan is not a game or simulation of any type. It is merely a tool for darts players to use to mark/score their games. It requires real people to play real games of darts! :)

Can I practice against a computer player?


DartMan comes complete with a simulated computer opponent. This computer player can be configured to play with 12 different levels of skill/accurracy, ensuring that you get the best possible match and challenge for your level.

Can I play online against other players?


DartMan has an online function which allows you to play against other players, as if you were both in the same room! Online play has the following features:

  • Enter scores as normal - they appear on both you and your opponent's screen
  • Webcam video and audio - stream video and audio of your board to your opponent's screen and vice versa. No google hangout (or any other) account required - it's all built in!