about DartMan

The New Darts Scoring Solution

Personal Project

DartMan is an website application for scoring games of Darts. It began life as a personal project by a darts fan, who wanted to easily mark his games, as well as have access to all of his statistics historically, in order to track his progress.
It is not a simulator, or game. It simply allows you to enter your scores during a game of darts, and it works out stuff like:
  • Remaining Score
  • Three dart average
  • Checkout Percentage
  • Total Tons, 140s, 180s etc

Online Play

With DartMan, you have the ability to score games against other DartMan players, no matter where you both are. Each player's score will appear in the other Player's DartMan application as they are entered. There is also the ability to set up WebCam sessions for viewing each other's DartBoard as you throw!

Computer Opposition

If you want proper match practise, but no one is available to play with you, then you can play against the Computer players, which provide 12 levels of difficulty - more than enough to suit all levels of darts players!

Cloud Computing

In addition to this, all your games are saved to the cloud. This means that all your games are available to view from anywhere in the world, as well as all your statistics (and those of your friends).

Other Features

  • Full audio ability - all scores called out when entered
  • Checkout Assistant - shows checkouts available to current player
  • Play Cricket online against other players
  • Plus many more...
Click to visit the DartMan Online web site.